Q: What is the ideal stage during construction to get in touch with you?

A: Before the flooring and wall tiling starts.


Q: I already have a civil platform in my kitchen, can I still plan for Modular kitchen?

A: In that case, we can plan a semi modular kitchen. The base cabinets would be custom made as per the space available and installed under the platform.


Q: What is the life of a modular kitchen?

A: A good quality modular kitchen is good for at least 15-20 years if maintained properly and not physically damaged.


Q: My kitchen space is very small, how can we make maximum utilisation of space?

A: We have a lot of kitchen accessories that utilise the un accessed kitchen space and can be planned as per the requirements. 


Q: What other services apart from Modular kitchen do you offer?

A: Interior Designing Solutions, Modular Wardrobes, Vanity, Beds and Bedside Tables, Dressers, TV Units etc.

Q: How can I get a precisely designed kitchen


Q: What locations other than Indore can you provide your services?

A: We provide our services to PAN India.


Q: How are the costs calculated?

A: At first the quantity of the material is calculated as per the design and then the exact costs are calculated.


Q: What is the warranty period?

A: warranties are as per the brand's protocol.


Q: How does the material withstand Termite & water?

A: All the materials are treated for protections against termites and Water.

Q: How does it differ from a Carpenter made kitchen?

A: 1) precision

     2) Finishing

     3) Range of finishes

     4) Range of materials

     5) Warranty

     6) Time period

     7) Convenience

     8) Planning


Q: How does it differ from an Italian kitchen?

A: Pros against Italian Kitchens: 1) Italian Kitchens are made in world class manufacturing facilities and so do our kitchens. 2) All the material options they provide in  Italian kitchens  are available with us.

    Cons against Italian Kitchens: 1) Italian Kitchens are expensive because they pay Taxes in Italy, Import Duty in India and GST in India. It also pays huge transportation costs. Moreover Italian brands charge royalties for maintaining brand image making it extremely expensive. 2) Italian kitchen design and style doesn't match with Indians as Indians have different cuisines and lifestyles. 3) It might take around 4-6 months for an Italian kitchen to be delivered from the day of order.


Q: I already have a 2d elevation plan and requirement list, can you give us a quote?

A: Yes.


Q: I don't live in Indore, how can we proceed further?

A: Have a look at the Kitchenation Showroom Video tour, after that we would visit the site, take measurements, and give you a quote. After you approve the quote, we would deliver the goods at your site and install it there.


Q: I live outside India, can you take orders remotely?

A: Yes


Q: Why does it cost more than a Carpenter made kitchen?

A: A lot of costs are not included in a Carpenter made kitchen such as Taxes, service and warranty. Also, a carpenter does not provide a detailed quote as ours and may change the quote once he starts working.


Q: Can you coordinate with our Architect or Interior Designer?

A: Yes


Q: Can you renovate the whole kitchen along with the furniture?

A: Yes


Q: How are your kitchens made?

A: Our kitchens are made in fully automated world class manufacturing facilities in India. After manufacturing, they are shipped directly to the client’s site via logistics. The goods are insured against transit damages. After reaching it to the client, we unpack it and assemble the kitchen. After completing the installation, we inspect it and handover it to the client.


Q: Would you be able to send Someone for site visit?

A: Yes


Q: Why is your site visit chargeable?


  1. Your site would be visited by a professional interior designer
  2. The measurements along with your requirements would be noted down
  3. You would be given an on-site counselling regarding some misconceptions, and what would be the possibilities.
  4. Your kitchen would then be designed according to the on-site discussion keeping your requirements and budget in mind.
  5. You would be then given a presentation on the detailed 3D plan of your kitchen.
  6. Any changes in the design made would be done.
  7. After finalising the 3D plan and colour selection, you would be given one more presentation with the exact 3D Rendered views.

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