Terms & Condition

  • PAYMENT CONDITIONS: 70% advance payment for order confirmation and remaining 30% before delivery of the products.
  • Balance payment has to be cleared within the stipulated time i.e., 7 days from the date of material dispatch from the factory and independent of the site’s readiness for installation failing which would result in Late payment charges as applicable on per day basis.
  • No changes in the estimate would be made after the order is confirmed and no refunds would be allowed in any conditions what-so-ever.
  • 100% payment is required prior to installation; there would be no exceptions what-so-ever.
  • CHEQUE/WIRED PAYMENT: In case of payment by cheque or wire transfer; the payment date would be considered as the date of clearance of cheque or wire transfer. If the cheque is returned by the bank in case of insufficient funds; cheque return charges of amount equal to 10% of the value of the cheque would be levied on the customer.
  • PRICING: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Quotations are exclusive of Countertop, Tiling, Cement sheets, Appliances, Lights, Electric, Plumbing and Civil work.
  • DELIVERY of goods will be done on the ONLY ground floor of the site building.
  • Time period for delivery of the goods would be 60 working days from the day of the order confirmation.
  • Delivery schedules will be subject to technical and commercial confirmation of the order and as per the availability of the materials in the factory.
  • Kitchenation may discontinue any materials/finishes due to the reason beyond control without any prior notice and may suggest the alternative materials against it.
  • Packed materials are to be picked up by the Dealers within 15 days of getting packed, or else demurrage charges (2/- per Kg. per day) thereafter will have to be paid by the customer.
  • Risk in transit is to be borne by the customer in the form of proportionate insurance charged in Tax Invoice of Kitchenation and any transit damages are to be claimed from the Insurance Company and Kitchenation shall not be responsible for any replacement against the transit damages.
  • Kitchenation exclusively and independently reserves all rights regarding any modification/s in these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • If any of the provisions of this Terms & Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable under any statute or rule of law, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provisions shall not affect the other provisions of the Terms & Conditions and such other provisions shall remain in full force and effect and binding on the parties.


Following given is the general procedure to claim insurance and will be subject to changes from time to time:

 a. Customer should thoroughly check the materials whilea ccepting/receivin  the delivery of the materials. If not possible to check at  that time Customer  mention                    “subject to verification” on LR copy. Customer should then ensure check the received materials within 7 day of receipt and  immediately  inform the transporter &                  Kitchenation regarding the damage through mail  and reference of the LR copy on which subject to verification  remark given  by the Customer.

 b.  If material found damaged during inspection at the time of accept delivery by Customer, the customer must mention the “damaged materials received” remarks                   on the transporter LR copy.

c.   Customer should intimate the Insurance company and ask for deputing an IRDA approved marine surveyor person for survey within 10 days.

d.   Customer has to provide the damage material value, photograph, insurance invoice copy to surveyor to prepare survey report.

e.   The Surveyor fees has to be paid by the Customer to the surveyor and get the receipt.

f.    Customerhas togetthe surveyreport from the surveyoralong with the receipt for the surveyorfees.

g.    Customer has to claim lodging letter against transporter/carriers.

 h.    After this process Customer has to send all the below mentioned documents to the Insurance company.

Claim form

  1. Damage certificate.
  2. Claim bill.
  3. Survey report.
  4. Survey fees receipt in original.
  5. Copy of Invoice, packing list.
  6. Insurance copy.
  7. LR copy.
  8. Policy copy.
  9. Copy of claim lodging letter along with register a/d.
  10. Copy of subrogation letter on stamp paper of ` 100/- duly signed and stamped.
  11. A blank cancelled cheque to facilitate the insurance company to transfer the claim the settlement amount to the claimers bank account.
  • The claim amount as per the approval from the Insurance Company shall be transferred to the Customer’s account by the Insurance Company.

 17. AFTER SALES SERVICES: All the hardware, accessories and appliances possess brand warranty and the corresponding brand’s service center is entitled for any service issue. Kitchenation would not be liable for any repair or replacement if the corresponding brand refuses for warranty claim under any circumstances.

18.  Furniture products are warranted for a period of 10 years from the date of Purchase against the Manufacturing defects, as per the guidelines and terms & conditions given in Annexure.

19.Warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, normal wear and tear and natural colour changes from light and water damages.

20.Wooden furniture may expand or contract or bend in different atmospheric conditions or during transportation or with time. These would not be considered defects.

21.All Disputes under Indore jurisdiction.



KITCHENATION products are warranted for a period of 10 years from the date of Purchase against the Manufacturing defects. Below mentioned is the process, terms and conditions:

  1. The communications related to the complaints are strictly to be sent by email on- feedback@kitchenation.in; customercare@kitchenation.in marking it to your respective sales representatives.
  2. The Invoice and order details along with the list of issues with all specifications must be mentioned in the mail.
  3. Clear and detail images and video clip explaining the issue must be attached with the mail. If required KITCHENATION may send their representative to check the issue on site which will be decided by KITCHENATION only.
  4. The complaint will be registered on receipt of the above details.
  5.  KITCHENATION will get back the customer within 2 working days with the feedback and response. In case if some additional information or details are needed KITCHENATION may ask you to provide.
  6. After analysing the details KITCHENATION will confirm the Dealer its feedback on the acceptance of the complaint and further course of action in terms of rework/repair/replacement.
  7. KITCHENATION reserves the right to rework / repair / replace only the defective part of the Product.
  8. In case if KITCHENATION agrees to rework the materials at the factory KITCHENATION will need the customer to ensure to send these materials properly dismantled, packed and transported to its factory along with proper documentation (Deliver Challan/Invoice with item wise details matching with our invoice). Any damages arising in transit and issues due to improper documents will not be in KITCHENATION scope. Also further the materials will not be accepted in the KITCHENATION factory premises without proper documentation. KITCHENATION will need these details by mail.
  9. In case if KITCHENATION agrees to repair the materials on site it will confirm customer the schedule of their representative visiting the site and shall supervise/execute the repairs. KITCHENATION will need a proper sign off from the dealer after the repairs are done on site.
  10. In case if KITCHENATION agrees to replace the materials they will let the customer know about the schedule of the replacement orders and accordingly those will be dispatched.
  11. KITCHENATION will make all its efforts to repair/replace the defective materials under this warranty as soon as possible depending on availability of the raw materials.
  12. It is expressly made clear that KITCHENATION shall not be held commercially/legally liable for any direct loss to the dealer or end user due to the defect or delay in providing this service.
  13. KITCHENATION reserves the right to replace the defective materials with any other colour or profile if it has discontinued the particular profile at the time of replacement.
  14. This warranty shall not in any case extend towards payments or monetary considerations whatsoever.
  15. Claims if any to this warranty shall be only made before the courts having jurisdiction in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Cases not Valid for Warranty

  1. Damages resulting due to accidents, mishandling, negligence, tampering, unauthorized repair, adverse site conditions, failure to follow instructions, adverse weather conditions, act of God etc.
  2. Water Leakage due to faulty civil works like Granite, Sink, and Tiles fixing, washing of Kitchen or cleaning with acid or other chemical solvents.
  3. Issues and defects in any raw materials sent by the customers for processing.
  4. If the Lights and accessories are from the local vendors that does not comes with warranty.
  5. For Standard Hardware’s, Lights & accessories the warranty will be subject to the supplier’s warranty terms and conditions.
  6. Products ordered apart from the standard specified construction and technical catalogue, without considering the Do’s and Don’ts of the products mentioned in catalogue will not come under warranty.
  7. Dispatches taken on address apart from the installation site address will not be part of Warranty.

8.Shade Variation

a)Resulting due to on-site conditions like exposure to sunlight, cleaning  on site with acid or strong chemical solvents, mishandling etc.

b).Additional / replacement orders of PU Lacquer and Lacquered Glass ordered after one month or a gap in different batches. This is mainly due to the output of the            fresh order against the old order.

c)Solid Wood and Natural Veneer & Natural Stone products that normally has a shade, tone and grain difference from batch to batch which is the natural phenomenon      of the product

d)InNonstandardAdditionalPUorderplacedorprocessedwithoutthereferenceshad samplefrom  customertor match  the colour.

e) In Special PU/Glass Finishes like Pearlized and Bush hammered etc. Ordered in different batches.


a)   It is made clear that any materials apart from Honey comb doors will not have warranty against warpage.

b)   Regular finish Tall/Wardrobe Shutters taken without door straighteners (Door straighteners doesn’t guarantee the straightness of the products)

c)  Due to incorrect storage and handling at customer’s end.

d) Due to incorrect design.

e)  Due to incorrect selection of the hardware or fitting.

f)  Due to adverse site conditions.

 10 Undulance

             a) Glossy finish surfaces like laminate, acrylic, PU finish etc.

11. Bubbles on the panel

a)  Adverse site conditions where materials are exposed to water, heat and moisture etc.

b)  Panels assembled near the Hob, Chimney, and Appliances etc.

c)  Due to cleaning with water, acid or other chemical solvents.

12. Termite & Fungus

   Termite or fungus issues are related to the site conditions. Even though our products are made of Termite resistance base materials but if the site conditions are prone     to termite or fungus then it may affect the product. It is suggested to maintain proper pest control against termite and cleanliness. This will not be covered under                 Warranty.

13.Bulging of materials due to water related issues

    Any issues resulting due to water leakage through the walls, floor, civil platform, Sink areas, plumbing pipelines etc. Will not be covered under warranty.

14.Scratches, Peel Off, Spots, Patches Marks

a)  Scratches occurring due to sharp objects and mishandling on site.

b) Due to improper handling.

c)  Due to no space in between shutters for functionality, that results in chip off, scratch, peel off and damages.

d)  Patches and marks on surface due to handling and adverse site  conditions etc

15.Diagonal issues in Shutters

a) If the shutters are fixed on the local made cabinet.

16.Misalignment of cabinets

a) If incorrect thickness exposed sides ordered.

b) If materials ordered in non-standard pattern without correct or proper drawings.

17. Missing Items     

 a)  If not checked and reported immediately on receipt of the materials and not mentioned on the LR copy.

b) If materials are not checked within 7 days of receipt as per the packing list  and the information and details of missing items are not provided as per the packing list          within 7 days of receipt of the materials.

18. Incorrect sizes

a) If incorrect details forwarded by client.

b) If the drawings, quotations and details sent by company not checked and confirmed by the customer.

c)  If the dimensions of the product that is based on hardware’s and accessories  specification calulated incorrectly by customer.

d) If the excess thickness exposed panels for the carcass are ordered without  considering the internal and external dimensions effect.

 19. Grain matching

a)Although we will take all the efforts to match the grains vertically in our standard laminate and veneer range but 100 percent Grain matching is not possible.

b)If the grain matching details not specified in the order with drawings and 3D images.

c)It’s not possible to match the grain pattern on PVC Membrane, Natural Veneer, Natural Stone and Granite finish texture patterns.

d) Not possible for Horizontal Grain Patterns.

e)  It’s not possible to match the grains of Wardrobe doors and Loft

 20.Wrong Grain Direction

a)  Due to incorrect order, design from the customer.

b) If remarks for drawers not mentioned in the order.

21.Customized Furniture

a)Incorrect design and confirmation given by the customer.

b) Due to adverse site conditions.

22.Damaged Materials

a) Materials getting damaged due to adverse site condition.

b)  Transit damages – Kitchenation prices are Ex-factory and transportation being the third party the transit damages will not be considered as replacement. The customer has to arrange for the transit insurance before dispatch and claim the damages from the insurance company as per the guidelines given in GTC Sr. No. 8. The materials against transit damages will be supplied as an additional order and the claim for damages will be received by the dealer from the Insurance Company on the approval of the insurance claim. Please note that the dispatches taken in Part load or through private transportation or travels will not be covered under Insurance.