How it started

Kitchenation’s inception is rooted in the story of two visionary entrepreneurs, Abbas and Abizer. It all began at an IIT coaching center in Kota, where their shared aspiration for entrepreneurship took root. They set out on a mission to create something extraordinary for modular designs. Drawing from their deep knowledge of the construction industry, they quickly identified a common challenge faced by homeowners – the quest for a dream kitchen that was both functional and stylish. Recognizing the fragmented state of the industry, characterized by hurdles like finding the right professionals, coordinating tasks, and ensuring fair pricing and quality, Abbas and Abizer decided to be the change-makers.

Their determination led to the birth of Kitchenation, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the modular kitchen designs small and big industry. Starting modestly with a 500 sq. ft. kitchen display gallery in 2017, they embarked on a journey of innovation and growth. Kitchenation has become a trusted name in the industry in just five years, with over 250 kitchens installed across Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. The company’s commitment to delivering functional, clutter-free, modern kitchen solutions sets them apart. With a team of professional designers and a unique approach that allows customers to customize their kitchens to their precise needs, Kitchenation remains at the forefront of design of modular kitchen innovation.

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How can we help?

At Kitchenation, we’re dedicated to making your dream kitchen a reality. Our expertise lies in bringing together the latest international modular kitchen designs and technology to create functional and visually stunning kitchen spaces. Whether you’re looking for space-saving solutions, modern kitchen settings, or tall pantry cabinets, we’ve got you covered.

With our professional designers, we ensure your kitchen is always impeccably organized, reflecting your unique style. Let Kitchenation redefine your kitchen experience and elevate your home’s aesthetics with our innovative interior design solutions.

Why Kitchen Nation?

Experience the Difference: Where Choice Meets Customization.

At Kitchenation, we offer a unique experience that empowers our customers to choose from a wide range of kitchen options and tailor them to their needs, ensuring an excellent kitchen.




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