Can’t design, unless an architect is involved.

Only 1 option i.e. Laminate, lacks precision, finish & quality. You have no control on the final product.

Undefined, Depends on the efficiency, regularity & work ethics of the carpenter.

Both fabrication & assembling is done on-site, your home turns into a workshop for a very long time.

Payments are made in small chunks, so, it appears to be cheaper, but actually it isn’t. Also, Convenience & looks deteriorate over usage, hence more money spent on servicing.

Lacks the know-how of space management, isn’t adaptive to accommodate specific space storage issues.

No Replacements or After-Sales Service. No guarantee what-so-ever. No addition of tax, hence cheaper.


Well planned & designed to generate high definition rendered views.

More than 10 machine made options with Finest finish. Can view the final products as samples before execution. 25 days in factory, 4 days on site.

Only assembling is done on-site, your kitchen gets ready in just 4 days.

Each and everything is estimated prior to execution, so it appears to be expensive, but actually it isn’t. Also, looks don’t go away easily, a little or no maintenance required.

Space is managed so efficiently that any future requirements can be catered in the existing setup.

After-Sales Services

Replacements or After-Sales Service is promised in written.

Addition of tax contributes to national economy. is a proof of purchase & assurance of quality, & still value for money.


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